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Oculus, please consider offering repair services for people without warranties.

TryHardoGarciaTryHardoGarcia Posts: 3
Unfortunately, I can't afford a new Rift, nor a refurbished one at the moment.

My Rift's microphone is muffled, and I was told that I would have to buy a refurbished unit since my Rift is out of warranty. This is a common issue with the Rift, and I have proof that it was already muffled way before my warranty expired. But still, I was told to buy another one.

Today my right headphone stopped working, and turns out that the issue is the flex cable inside of the Rift's headband, and not the headphone itself. This is also a common issue with the Rift. I can make the sound work for a few seconds if I move the right side of the strap forward and backwards but it stops working always. I tried putting the right headphone on the left plug, and it worked, which is how I know that the issue is the flex cable inside.

Oculus doesn't sell internal parts, nor do they offer repair services. This is not the case for game consoles, PCs, phones, and other electronics that are pricey. I know that the sale volume of Rifts is low, but the goal is mass adoption. It would go a long way, if people saw that Oculus HMDs became useless right after the warranty expired.


  • TryHardoGarciaTryHardoGarcia Posts: 3
    I started a support ticket, and they asked me to send in my unit for inspection. And then I will get a replacement.
  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 653
    edited May 2019
    ^^That is great hear. :)

    I had a similar issue with one of my earphones on the headset that would be affected by the bit of the headset that can extend and close, but to stop it happening again i put the headset on then took a pencil and marked were the extension part was sitting at, then simply used some gaffer tape to fixed the headset into that position, so it is no longer extending and closing when i put it on and off, and it works perfectly.

    Got the idea from this very forum......somewhere.
  • IbegU2RiftIbegU2Rift Posts: 92
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hmm i have this problem myself, oculus would do nothing for me. It's strange, i read over and over again, that some people get help and others don't. well guess you just have to be born under a lucky star. They know how many people have this problem, maby they just throw a dice, so 40 % of their customers will get a positive support about this engineering fault.  Dunno but it's kind of sad really.
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