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How do I change where Oculus hardware is downloaded and saved

Bosshi12Bosshi12 Posts: 2
Recently I have been running into some storage issues. I tried moving oculus onto a different drive but since the application didn't detect where it was, it no work. I have plenty of storage on my other disk but i can't get oculus to install on my other drive.

What I've done so far
1.)All downloads go to E disk (The disk i need it to go to)
2.)Moved the application it self

That's pretty much all i could think of


  • SneakyglowormSneakygloworm Posts: 105
    Don't drag and drop the software onto another drive. All of the info that Oculus software needs to attempt to run games, etc is held in the registry and is generally hidden from normal users coz it's a potential for system disaster if you don't know how to edit it. You can migrate games/apps by opening Oculus home on the desktop.  Under each app are 3 vertical dots. Click on them and the option to "move" the app should be there. Create a folder on another drive and allow the software to shift the app over. It will update the registry correctly. Hope this helps...
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