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Biggest most critical fussy vr enthusiasts, pick your poison.

inovatorinovator Posts: 2,235 Valuable Player

It's kind of ironic that the main vr enthusiast members who complain most about God rays and glare and are buying the index has to deal with what i printed below. Below comes from a reviewer but there have been others that have mentioned this. Maybe overall the index buyers will have a better experience but it's a shame that it is diminished by the tradeoffs:

While Valve’s dual-element optics might be focused on a wide field of view and large sweet spot, it seems to have come at the cost of an increase in internal reflections (god rays). Moderately high contrast scenes cause significant glare which unfortunately detracts from the other benefits in clarity.


  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,312 Valuable Player
    So this is the second anti index post you have created, I presume as your last one failed (are you a sucker for preordering the Index one) you have come back for another go. Not sure if there is a bit of envy going on here ;)

    So there is an actual thread for Index which everybody is discussing this and more. Not sure it needs a specific post for just this plus you are spreading index information across multiple posts on an Oculus site. 

    This is what the same uploadVR reviewer said on his earlier comments on God rays:-

    'With that in mind; on Index god rays themselves don't look worse than your typical modern fresnel lens like what we see in Rift S and Quest. The original Rift does have more pronounced god rays if you look at it side by side with the newer Oculus headsets.

    The thing I saw more than I was expecting on Index was internal reflections, the general scattering of light about the lenses, which can often come from bright objects in the periphery. This didn't strike me as being quite as sharp as the concentric circles seen through Vive / Vive Pro, but a bit more like a general glare. This effectively reduces the contrast of what you're looking at because it brightens what is behind the glare. Without a true side by side, or being able to test my own content, it's hard to quantify how it compares to other headsets, I only know that as someone who uses headsets many times per week, it stood out to my eyes as being bothersome at times.

    Like most of these things, it was only overt in high contrast scenes (where you have bright areas near dark areas). Content which is on average bright or lower contrast isn't impacted as much.'

    Does not look too serious to me. If god rays are the only issue then I am happy and it says the original Rift is actually worse. For me it was not an issue with the CV1. He also says it is comparable with the Rift S  and quest also.
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,235 Valuable Player
    If I was so invested money wise and enthusiastic wise maybe I would take your position. There were other articles saying similar things. You can have the last word but until it comes out and we hear from the average user we won't know for sure. The index had much less hands on then the quest and rift s.
  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,312 Valuable Player
    edited May 2019
    As there are no videos out, I am highly suspicious as well but I am very hopeful. I am just clinging onto my Index life raft and hoping there are no major holes in it.

    Otherwise god knows what headset I'll get as there is not much else out there that impresses me. HP Reverb plus Knuckles maybe. The same guy trashed that one as well though with similar comments on different things. 

    I am not invested money wise though, just in spirit. I am just on the reserved list, no obligation to buy it.
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,235 Valuable Player
    I'm not trying to crush your hopes. It's just valve not giving the proper reviews before launch is very irritating and makes me feel they didn't deserve the sales they made so far.
  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,312 Valuable Player
    edited May 2019
    tell me about it :) 

    I think they only had a box of 50 anyway, so not sure about number of sales :)
  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,894 Valuable Player
    edited May 2019
    It seems that all the headsets have tradeoffs. 

    I wish I could have one headset with the Reverb resolution, Rift-S inside out tracking and Index FOV, IPD and controllers.  

    Overall, I think the Index is the best. If your IPD is 64 then the Rift-S is the best overall. 

    i7 6700k 2080ti   Rift-S, Index
  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,312 Valuable Player
    edited May 2019
    I guess we will find out whenever the manufactures decide to actually ship some.

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