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Can’t redownload after factory reset

pierce.cox.7pierce.cox.7 Posts: 1
anyone know why I can’t redownload any of my purchased games after a factory reset and Facebook sign in 


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,405 Volunteer Moderator
    If you haven't already done so, launch the phone app, make sure it's showing your Oculus profile, and connect to your Go.

    When you say you can't download, what exactly is happening? Are you seeing your profile in the headset? Do your apps not show up in your library, or are you getting an error message when you try to download?
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  • Keldar27Keldar27 Posts: 1
    I'm about ready to just take my oculus go back to best buy. I was having the same problem with my new oculus go a few days ago, not being able to download anything at all, even recent purchases, such as the Nick Cage movie. Nothing wants to download. So I did a factory reset, and nothing will download, even free stuff, I just get an arrow going in circles forever. I'm going to try to uninstall the app on my phone, but I dont see how thats gonna help.
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