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Oculus Hardware Error !

RyuuBandittoRyuuBanditto Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in Support




- USBポートを抜き差しする(私はUSB 2.0と3.0の間でいくつかの組み合わせを試した)
- 私のグラフィックカードの最後のドライバ(GTX 1070ti)
- Windows 10の最後のアップデート 
- Riftプログラムを何度か削除してダウンロードします。
- PCを再起動
- ヘルメットのケーブルを抜き、すべてのケーブルを点検する
- グラフィックカードのHDMIポートにリフトを差し込み、DVIポート用のアダプタを試します。
- スクリームアンドクライ 



  • morsifymorsify Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    edited May 2019
    Hi, you might get more help if you translated by Google:

    Hello everyone.

    This is my problem. I have a problem with setting up the Rift.

    I have already sent a ticket for support.

    I tried :

    -Plug and unplug the USB port (I tried some combinations between USB 2.0 and 3.0)
    -The last driver of my graphics card (GTX 1070ti)
    -The last update of Windows 10
    -Remove and download the Rift program several times.
    -Restart your PC
    -Unplug the helmet cable and check all cables
    -Insert the lift into the graphics card's HDMI port and try the adapter for the DVI port.
    -Scream and Cry

    I did not post anything without first trying everything I can find on the internet …

    I'm pretty sure I have seen this error once, when I was first setting up my Rift. But I can't remember how I fixed it. The only suggestion I have is to try plugging your sensors and Headset into different USB ports.

    Can anyone else help?
    Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X, i7 9770K, 16GB DDR4, EVGA RTX2070XC 8GB Ultra Gaming, AOC 32" monitor, 2 x Inatek PCI USB controllers, Oculus Rift CV1, Windows 10 64 Home
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