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Oculus quest Mac development

Lunar_AstronautLunar_Astronaut Posts: 1
Just wondering as the oculus quest is a standalone unit, will it be possible to develop, test and deploy on the iMac 2017 or will I have to buy a PC to be able to do this?


  • bagastenbagasten Posts: 13
    edited May 2019
    Quest runs a form of android so you could install the development kit on the Mac. I have never tried, but it "should" work.
  • jlndrrjlndrr Posts: 1
    It works. You can build APKs fine on Mac.
    For example, I pushed an (alpha) APK of our work-in-progress Quest game, built using Unity as the main tool and Android Studio as the build backend.
    I then uploaded the APK via an ADB tool (OculusGoUtils for Mac).
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