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Oculus Home Quick Head Movement is Moving Objects

NimarusNimarus Posts: 15
I've been building a collection of VR games on Oculus and really like seeing my Game Boxes/Cartridges growing in number in my Oculus Room. I've set a desk with a computer monitor down in a corner and proudly displaying roughly 45 Game Boxes and Cartridges. I place the game art box on the shelf with it's respective game cartridge laying flat on the shelf in front of it. Now, imagine you've spent 5-10 minutes putting the shelves, boxes, and cartridges in place. You accidentally drop an item on the ground and look down quickly at it. Suddenly, you hear boxes flying and colliding. You look up to see all items not fixed into place directly in front of you have been hit with apparent mental blows from your new-found psychokinetic VR powers if your too close. Worst of all, the "Undo" button doesn't cover this. I left the room for my other room, hoping this would reset the room back before my vr mental powers ruined all my work.

Removing my sarcasm, please keep quick head movements from physically moving loose objects near the player.

So yeah, Devs, any chance you guys could fix this in a future update? I always wondered why items fell off shelves when I would stand up from my computer chair.
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