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Desperately Needs a Bluetooth Update!!

DiscoExorcistDiscoExorcist Posts: 1
The Oculus Go should be Bluetooth capable. Is there any possibility at all of this happening as an update in the very near future?? It is really annoying and very limiting to have to use a wired set of headphones every time I want to use my headset and not disturb others around me. I have to twist-tie the cable just make sure it doesn't get in my way, and even then, I can still feel the wires dangling all over my face! This could be easily solved if there were a way  to connect my wireless bluetooth headphones to the headset. I have tried 3 separate 3rd party bluetooth signal transmitters that other pages GUARANTEED would work, but those suggestions couldn't have been more incorrect. That method only barely works maybe 20% of the time, and even then, not for very long. Considering how you've given the Quest a set of headphones to go with it, it's only fair us Go users should have that option too. Thank you for time,  have a pleasant day! :)
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