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Oculus Go Usage in Schools

adamsegal34adamsegal34 Posts: 9
Greetings, everyone.

First, please let me apologize for my lack of VR knowledge.  I am just starting out, hence, this discussion.

I work at middle school and we are getting about 40 Go headsets, for which, I will be coordinating and in charge of.  I am hoping to use the headsets for all subject areas, however, I have really no idea where to begin.  Perhaps before I get into everything, I could ask if someone has put together a real nice comprehensive guide for school usage?

I have all sorts of questions:

1) Are the educational apps guided?  Meaning, are they structured so students cannot advance or "wander off" and carry on with other things before other students?
2) Once many students are engaged in an app, is there a way to essientally lock them into it, so they cannot exit out and select something else?
3) Can students be monitored while using an app?  Is there a way to see what they are seeing?
4) Can what the students experience while using the Go be mirrored to another screen so other students can watch?
5) What sort of settings are there for the Go and how much freedom do users have for adjustments?
6) Has anyone here used these for large classes?  If so, what tips and/or tricks would you recommend?
7) Is there anything I should know that have not asked about?

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions.  I am super excited to learn all about VR and I know the students will be engaged and just love it! 


  • adamsegal34adamsegal34 Posts: 9
    I do know that the Go has 3-DoF vs 6.  Does that mean that using the Go, students would be essentially sitting/standing in one area since with 3-DoF, users' whole bodies cannot physically move about the area? 
  • adamsegal34adamsegal34 Posts: 9
    Another question:

    If we purchase an app, does that mean it will be available for all students to use or do multiple purchases need to be made?  40 head sets = 40 purchases for a single app.  Hope that makes sense. 
  • mvuoculus1mvuoculus1 Posts: 1
    Hi Adam,
    We are in a simular situation and have 30 Oculus Go's. We are excited about it but have run into a couple problems that will hopefully be overcome soon. 1. We can't purchase Apps in the store because they have no tax exempt for schools and our school won't buy anything if we have to pay a tax. I've emailed Oculus but as of now there is not fix that I know of. 2. We set all of our up on one account to make it easier otherwise I have to log into 20 different accounts to download apps and that would be annoying. 3. As of now I haven't seen anything that allows control. I'd love if Oculus would set up a type of "educational mode" where only one app can be run etc. 4. You can view what a student is viewing by using the share and it will show on the display on the phone or tablet you have signed into the same account. There is a permission the student in the headset has to click yes to so may not be as useful right now. Obviously we are in the wild west and all trying to learn together There are a few education groups I've joined one called Educators in VR ( and there are a couple on facebook if you search for Oculus Go education.

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