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Oculus Rift issues that Oculus hasn't helped fix.

GrayogGrayog Posts: 1
Hi, I am very unhappy with my oculus rift and extremely frustrated.

It has so many problems that wont fix now matter how many times I try to fix them or submit tickets.

The problems I have are as listed

Audio through headset only rarely plays
Microphone some times works
thrid sensor wont show up in setup sometimes and when it does it goes away when I start playing
menu when in headset is to high up to reach
controllers sometimes drift off (very rarely)
In setup it's stuck looking for touch controller

I probably have other issues that I havent found or I forgot

I'm tired of all these issues and I regret buying the oculus and all the games I bought. It feels like I've just put hundreds of dolllars down the drain.

I'd like it to work or I'd like my money back

I've been having these problems since summer of 2017 when I first bought the oculus

If anyone can help I'd like that. Thanks

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