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Screen drifting

truefivetruefive Posts: 16
edited May 2019 in Oculus Go
"Netflix screen drifts from center in Oculus Go"

This is a reddit post that I could not comment on, so I bring it here.
Oculus Support answered:

Hello there. If you do experience any drift with the headset,
you can actually recenter to bring it back. To do this, press the Oculus button on the controller once, click settings on the bottom,
then Reset View in the middle and follow the directions.

A text book reply.

My reply:

That is not a solution. Nor is it the point. -_-
I watch video on my Oculus Go regularly and I found that both Bigscreen Beta and Skybox drift from the center.
So it Could be a Software design flaw that three different developers haven't figured out or addressed yet. *shrug*
But if it isn't, I hand this over to you Oculus.
Can anyone confirm if this happens on the Rift?
So the point; Oculus Support, is Not to have to recenter at all. Because the screen drifts regularly (every couple of minutes for me)
I don't recall ever having this problem with Netflix though.
And Bigscreen drifted in Cinema Mode. As opposed to Void.

VR is the new experience in entertainment. The new movement I beleive. But it can't be for media unless this issue is addressed.
Screen drifting takes you out of the VR world and forces you to consistently return to the real world to fix the virtual space.

This Reddit post was from more than a year ago too.
So yeah.


  • truefivetruefive Posts: 16
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,386 Volunteer Moderator
    Drifting rotation in the horizontal plane is a problem faced by all 3DOF tracking systems using inertial tracking (accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers).
    Inertial tracking can tell using gravity if you are pitching (looking up or down) or rolling (tilting side to side) the headset or controller. But yawing (turning around) is just a guess made using accumulations of gyroscope data, over time the small errors keep adding and you end up facing different directions.

    This is corrected on headsets like the Rift and Vive using the external cameras, they don't move so they can always tell if the headset has moved relative to them and can correct the drift. The Quest and Rift-S have built in cameras that can tell if the outside world looks like it has rotated, so they can correct themselves. But headsets like the Go have no way of fixing this. It's not a software or hardware bug, it's just a limitation on the hardware abilities.
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