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Quest's library and backward compatibility

Adam-LefAdam-Lef Posts: 1
Since the announcement of the Quest and its "more curated" selection of games, I was wondering if older games for the Rift will be compatible. 
I'm working with my local library to acquire a VR headset and was leaning toward Oculus before they announced the Quest which now seems perfect for our needs except that I'm not sure if the games (more educational ones) will be available. Is the Quest mainly focused on games? Still, there's some interesting stuff on this list



  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,996 Volunteer Moderator
    Rift games aren't directly compatible. The Quest is using an ARM based cpu running Android, it can't run games made for an Intel/AMD based PC.
    For a Rift game to run on Quest it needs to be rebuilt for it. Depending on the game and the underlying system used, porting a game may be simple or a lot of work.

    There's no guarantee that a developer will port their older games, since Quest may require a fair amount of optimisation to run on the lower platform.
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