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The Walking Dead is coming to VR: Onslaught

ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,523 Valuable Player
edited May 14 in General

For starters, I know that VR has been plagued (pun intended) by the Zombie Genre since the early Demo Kit days. If you're someone that is tired of Zombie's in VR, then this thread is NOT for you.
Now I am a huge fan of the Zombie genre; having started at a very young age with all the cult classic Zombie films. And I never get tired of fighting Zombies in VR. I'm also a fan of The Walking Dead. Back during my obsession with Pinball FX2 for the Rift, I purchased the DLC for Walking Dead.

I spent hours on that machine!

And now we have news of a new full-fledged Walking Dead experience coming to VR from Survios:
In the Walking Dead Onslaught, players will have to fight their fears head-on. The Walking Dead Onslaught invites players to assume the roles of their favorite survivors from the TV series, struggling against the relentless walker threat while confronting both the horrors and humanity of this apocalyptic new world.
In the game, Onslaught will introduce the “most visceral combat experience” that Survios has built to date. You will scavenge and wield an arsenal of iconic melee and ranged weapons using real-motion VR mechanics – and experience the variety of their graphic end results.

Some of the current planned features:

  • Delimbing: Walker limbs are vulnerable for removal at many joints, including arms, legs and neck
  • Carving: Proprietary “gore mesh” creates realistic wounds anywhere on a walker’s body
  • Impaling: enemies get impaled and react where they are stabbed
  • Context-based physics: varying reactions take place based on context; precise slicing through enemies result in getting stuck, resistance when pulling out weapons and grappling (a challenging technique in VR)
  • Walkers can also be grabbed and restrained for precision melee attacks and strategic defense
  • Walkers can also be pushed and thrown at other walkers

The Walking Dead Onslaught is set to make its debut sometime this fall in 2019 on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

I do like Survios Studios. I own Sprint Vector and Creed: Boxing, which I think are very well made VR Products.
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  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,110 Valuable Player
    Video not playing in the UK (not available for country)

    Onslaught has a wave based game ring to it but text does say scavenging. 
  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    At this point, I feel like "Zombies" has become a genre on the level of general "SciFi" or "Fantasy".

    I absolutely roll my eyes and keep scrolling whenever I see some lazy, generic "zombie" game on a storefront;  they're seriously a dime-a-dozen..

    But if a game actually looks good?  I won't discount it just because it's of the zombie genre.  And despite never getting into the Walking Dead, I'm certainly curious about this new game.   My takeaway from the sales pitch is ... Highly-detailed, visceral, multi-platform Left4Dead?

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  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,066 Valuable Player
    just hope it is better than Overkill's game!!!
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  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,669 Valuable Player
    edited May 15
    Looking forward to this but their game Creed is full of bugs and it looks like the devs have abandoned that game. I hope when the Oculus Quest arrives that they aren't going to release the bugged version of Creed and expect people to except that.

    My respect for this company is starting to dwindle given they are not fixing bugs in Creed PC -VR. Hopefully there will be a patch and they can restore my faith in them.
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 4,879 Volunteer Moderator
    I was ready to dismiss this when I first saw it, but then I read that Survios was the developer. They've been really going all-in on VR development, and have done some good work, so I'll keep an eye on it.
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  • RattyUKRattyUK Posts: 913
    Hmmm...   I'll be watching too, the mechanics sound repulsively attractive :)
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