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Samsung Gear DEO VR player is no longer working

jim.leonard.57jim.leonard.57 Posts: 1
I have Samsung Gear, using the DEO VR, it's stopped working. How do I re-install or repair the app.


  • BenDoneBerforeBenDoneBerfore Posts: 1
    Same problem, last week my controller stopped working. Tried new batteries, disconnecting reconnecting. It would sometimes connect but not long enough for me to put on the vr to use. I bought a new controller thinking that would work and I still have the problem. I had an oculus update last week and since then it hasn't  worked. So I think it's a software thing? PLEASE HELP. 
  • adomagalaadomagala Posts: 1
    DEO VR is not working on Oculus Rift Touch device either.  Tried reinstalling the app on Oculus site with no change in performance.  If this is a programmer issue, who can take a look at it?
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