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Lenovo launches ThinkReality A6 AR headset

kojackkojack Posts: 6,172 Volunteer Moderator
edited May 2019 in Off-Topic
The ThinkReality A6 is a Hololens style stand alone AR headset.

Some specs:
- Snapdragon 845 cpu
- 1080p
- 40 degree fov (fairly typical for wave guide AR)
- cpu is in a small box (as big as an SSD), making the headset lighter, but means you have a short cable.
- depth sensors (I don't know what kind. Time of flight?)
- 4 hour battery life
- 3dof controller

They say the ThinkReality software platform will be device agnostic, you can use other headsets with it (the engadget article says even a Rift should be compatible).

I'm more looking forward to the Tilt5 AR headset, but if the A6 is cheaper than the Hololens 2, I might be interested.


  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,390 Valuable Player
    Nah...AR is for wimps. All the kool kids use VR instead. B)

    I love VR so much cos real life is a pile of old pants, I don't won't the real world anywhere near my games :p:D
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,172 Volunteer Moderator
    It will be interesting to see what the ThinkReality software platform is going to do for VR headsets. Or when they say the Rift can run it, do they only mean a Rift-S with passthrough?

    Tilt5 is interesting because it goes the opposite way for AR. It has no screens or depth cameras.
    Instead each headset has stereo projectors that shine into the world. You put a square of retroreflective material with tracking markers around the edge on a table and it becomes a shared portal into a 3d world.
    Retroreflective material bounces light almost directly back to where it came, so only the wearer sees it on the material. Multiple people can use the same square without overlapping each others projections.
    It's specifically designed for tabletop gaming such as rpg miniatures.

    Maybe I'm just inclined to these because my work uses board games and tabletop gaming stuff to teach aspects of game design. Plus I'm a fan of the ceo Jeri Ellsworth.

    (Tilt5 was formerly known as CastAR)

  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    snowdog said:
    Nah...AR is for wimps. All the kool kids use VR instead. B)

    I love VR so much cos real life is a pile of old pants, I don't won't the real world anywhere near my games :p:D
    VR will always be the best for games and other immersive experiences,  but the potential of AR for utilitarian purposes and everyday use is exciting.

    I hope I live to see a day when AR devices are as common as smartphones, and take over a lot of the functions we use our phones for now.   Like, combine it with a GPS function, and you could have the real-life equivalent of Nav Markers in a video game.  Or imagine being able to just look at a storefront (or a product IN a store) and instantly see information and customer reviews.   Or how about a pop-up AR interface for bluetooth-enabled electronics?   Like, you just look at your thermostat or something from across the room, and use a small 3DoF remote (or a button on the side of the AR device, GearVR style) to interact with it.
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  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 810
    kojack said:

    That's the most '80's looking thing I've seen since Far Cry Blood Dragon. No comment on specs, use and so on, it just looks like something right out of 1980's sci-fi. :D
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    Isn't it odd that Oculus-Facebook is most best suited to a WMR unit and Lenovo are more suited to proper VR tech!
  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    Not really.
     Companys work across to achieve goals.
    Its not the first time Oculus have outsourced projects.
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  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    Meaning as a company name and expertise they are most suited to the opposite tech which has happened with RIFT S.
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