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Am I missing something?

DaveADaveA Posts: 77
edited April 2013 in Support
Just unboxed the Rift, got right into Tuscany, awesome.

But wait, where is that Medieval Village Demo? I can't seem to find that. Any other demos?

Also weren't there supposed to be some games shipped WITH the kit? Or do we go through Steam for that? Like Hawken I saw at GDC?


  • dm18dm18 Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    There was a kickstarter post about the included game. Doom III that support oculus rift isn't out yet. So they sent out an email. Backers should be able to login to their order status page and opt to get game credits. Those credits can be used later to hopefully purchase doom III when it's released. (assuming it's released. ) OR those credits can be used to buy another game.

    If you look in the sub forum "works in progress" you might want to check out "Proton Pulse Rift". It's a demo some one put together for a 3d pong game that controlled using the rift.

    On steam team fortress 2 support Rift.

    A 3rd party, open source group has created vireio drivers. The vireio open source community seems to be working on making these drivers work for a handful of games. the current vernon of the driver, and instructions to use it, and be found on . there a list of supported games on .
  • V8GriffV8Griff Posts: 241
    Hiro Protagonist
    The other demo you're referring to is Unreal Citadel. Although it's not the snowy version.

    You'll need to download the UDK SDK and install the full version to get the Citadel demo.

    Have a look here to get tips on setting it up to run


    For other demos look in the Oculus ready Games and demo forums here.

  • ConzConz Posts: 83
    Hiro Protagonist
    You have to start the game with "Start this level on PC" in UDK.
    The F11 switches only to fullscreen for me.
    I have to open the console and have to type "stereo on" and "hmdwarp on".
    Next time I press "start on PC" the stereo and warping is on, until I restart UDK.

    You can also change the "*Engine.ini" file
  • DaveADaveA Posts: 77
    Thanks. Also there was some sort of mountain-top little city with a hot-air balloon floating near it. Did I dream that or did I actually have it running a couple weeks ago on my machine watching it all eye-strained? Where is that to be found?
  • InscothenInscothen Posts: 277
    are you talking about UNIGINE Engine?
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    If there's a statue of a dragon in there, then yeah you're thinking of the Heaven benchmark for the Unigine engine. Sit tight, I think Unigine Rift support is on its way (but not sure if it will make it into the benchmarks themselves).
  • DaveADaveA Posts: 77
    Inscothen wrote:
    are you talking about UNIGINE Engine?
    Ah that was it. So many demos recently, one gets lost.
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