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A Multi-media Driven Oculus HMD

DEScreensDEScreens Posts: 1
I realize that Oculus is mainly focused on VR gaming, but is their anyone else that would love a multi-media focused Oculus? I'm personally not a huge gamer, but I would love a HMD that had the new OLED 1400x1600  displays that could produce a wide field of view with a 3D multimedia experience that covered the entire display. The best analogy I can think of is an IMAX 3D experience that excepted feeds from game consoles, blu-ray players, set top boxes, and computers. Personally I would love if they removed the VR tracking, the onboard mobile chipset, and they replaced it with wireless HDMI. Im sure that would also be a lot more cost effective as well, but this would allow the user to wirelessly connect to all of those aforementioned outside sources to where they could essentially display any kind of home entertainment media that is available. Imagine if you could play your Xbox one games on what feels like a huge personal Imax display within the comfort of your own home or watch a 3D Blu-ray on such a display. You could even plug in a Firestick to cover all of your streaming needs as well, but it would be displayed on a huge high resolution OLED Imax like display. I realize that most movies are not produced in that Imax format, but that wide field of view would really stretch out  2.35:1-2.40:1 formats to give the viewer an amazing curved cinematic experience. I know Sony has made a similar HMD, but it was a 720p LCD and the field of view was very minimal. I've also seen newer high resolution HMDs that have hdmi inputs, but they are from unreliable companies and they cost around $800. Im sure Oculus has twice the amount of technology in their Oculus headsets, but yet they can offer them for $400-500. I bet the deduction of price is in the hopes that they will sell games to the consumer on top of the unit price, but without all the VR tracking and the mobile chipsets, Im sure they could easily produce a reasonably priced media based HMD that would far exceed any of the other small time competitors. I wouldn't be opposed to them making one with the mobile chipset and had the VR capabilities as the Oculus GO, but had the resolution of the Quest along with an HDMI input. At that point they would give the user the freedom to connect any outside multi-media device, while also being able to offer lower tier Oculus Go games. Or they could make an Oculus Quest that has an HDMI input and it will allow the user to view content on the full display instead of the theater settings that are really more distracting anything. I think that also deducts a lot of the viewing real estate and breaks the level of immersion. I dont own one, so that might be possible, but the HDMI input is the main feature that I wish they would include. It would then be the perfect HMD if that feature was also added to their current Oculus HMDs. Does anyone else agree or this a dream HMD that only I share?
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