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Game prices?

Fear345Fear345 Posts: 5
Is there an indication of the cost of the games anywhere?

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  • Fear345Fear345 Posts: 5
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  • simplySylvansimplySylvan Posts: 2
    Hey, Kal from Coatsink here the developers of Shadow Point. We are delighted to say that Shadow Point supports Cross Buy across the Quest and Rift Platforms so you will only need to buy it once! Have fun with your adventures on your new Quest everyone!
  • RHunterrRHunterr Posts: 72
    Hiro Protagonist
    The above list is incomplete. I can think of at least one game off the top of my head that's not listed on there. It's Orbus VR and it's at $39.99 if memory serves. Not sure if there's other games missing from that list, but I think $39.99 is the most expensive one I've seen.
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,523 Volunteer Moderator
    The Quest store is live online, so you can go there and see all the prices in your local currency.
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