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New dock and charger for Quest -Available now, in stock!

x.robert.stern.xx.robert.stern.x Posts: 8
edited May 2019 in Oculus Quest
There is a power Company in the US called, S2dio that is launching a power dock and stand for the Quest and the Touch Controllers. I heard it is available for pre-order and will be shipping this week. Looks cool charges the Quest without having to plug a cable in and out all the time. Also rechargeable battery charger for the Touch Controllers. and also on Amazon.


  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    link would be nice ?

    Be good, die great !
  • PickleschlitzPickleschlitz Posts: 106
    edited May 2019
    That doesn't look like $50 worth of product. It's just a plastic stand with an adapter for the plug and a AA battery charging well. You have to supply your own rechargeable AA batteries and you use the wall wart and cord that comes with the Quest.
  • x.robert.stern.xx.robert.stern.x Posts: 8
    The Power Stand takes care of the charging issues some people are experiencing, it appears the Type C cable end on some Quest in box cables make intermittent connection to the Quest headset. The Power Stand QVR charging dock, eliminates this issue by using a custom Type C dongle that is fitted to the Quest headset, then just drop the headset in place to charge it, it's super easy to use. The dock can be powered from any 5V DC power source connected to the female Type C port on the dock. You can even use an Apple charger, PD, QC, etc. Any Type C cable, although recommended the power supply should be at least 5V-3A DC output. Regarding the cost, simply add up the cost of the dual - independent fast charging NiMH AA charger, ultra flexible 3A charging circuit for the Quest headset and super easy to use dock/stand that makes storing the Touch Controllers and charging the Quest headset, plus the cost of manufacturing, packaging, having the product ready to go at launch and for $49.99 it's a great deal :).

    And the Company is US based, in California, with local California support and shipping. Not some fly by night brand from Asia....

    Just saying let's support our US Companies!
  • x.robert.stern.xx.robert.stern.x Posts: 8

  • x.robert.stern.xx.robert.stern.x Posts: 8

  • xSharkxExSharkxE Posts: 1
    im very late to this but im searching for some quest things , Your Comment sounds Like those payed actors That tv comercials say Real People and Not Actors...........
  • Spike20202020Spike20202020 Posts: 3
    edited March 27
    Yeah sounds great but I live in the UK.
  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 209
    Nexus 6
    If it charges via magnets then dont bother, I bought an AMVR charging station form amazonUK and it literally set on fire, thank god i was at home.

    here's the proof . you put the magnetic usb-c adapter into the quest (pic.1) and when you put the headset in the stand it connects to charger (pic.2) and charges.

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