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Oculus Home close to unusable the past few months due to connection requirements?

neueneue Posts: 7
The first few months of owning a Rift I spend a decent amount of time in Home, around the time Home added the screens feature I've no longer been able to stay in it consistently, lots of messages saying trouble maintaining connection then starting a countdown timer to kick me out, the new avatar editor is completely unusable just shows spinners 90% of the time and takes up to minutes to load anything and often then just decides to kick me out of Home entirely, old avatar editor worked flawlessly new one basically seems broken to me.

Now my internet connection isn't amazing but it's certainly not unusable, I play plenty of multiplayer games fine (both competitive and things like VRChat), I watch Netflix fine, my upload is pretty slow but I honestly don't see why that should be an issue in Home.

I really think the dev team could do with testing Home on connections that are not office fiber because I can't be the only one experiencing this and also I don't really understand why Home needs so much connectivity anyway when I'm in it solo.


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    Some people have said to not use a Proxy setting if that helps. Also try contacting your provider whom will say lots of shit to check but refuse and uphold your stance that all was and still is fine in your home. They gradually lower your speed over your contract to rob to others. Even though they claim they can't do anything, it will be reset to the average speed it once had again. I am getting a new free router from mine as it's 5yrs old. It may even be faster too.
  • neueneue Posts: 7
    As I pointed out, everything else including things that absolutely require a good connection: Netflix, VRChat games like Overwatch and Destiny work just fine. I'm the only person using the connection.

    The problem is not on my end.
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