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Headset went black in game and won't turn back on

Anon27Anon27 Posts: 1
So was hanging out in VR like I normally do when my headset suddenly shutoff, SteamVR said it lost connection and needed to be restarted so I hit the restart headset button and nothing. Then I restarted the PC a few times, when it started the headset was saying "NO HDMI Connected" after moving it around on a few ports on my PC it finally came up green but WILL NOT turn on the screen is black the amber light glows but it will not turn back on. I have tried connecting and disconnecting the top cable with no change, I have tested my VR setup on a different PC same thing, I have updated my drivers both motherboard and GPU, Motherboard BIOS, etc. When I try to connect it to another PC it won't go through setup saying there is an error, but on my main PC where it is already setup it shows up and shows as green but will not turn on. I submitted a support ticket but I have always had bad luck with companies and their support and NOT holding my breath. Open to any ideas or input from the community to help get my headset back up and running. 
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