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Rift S Configuring Guardian Area

CyberKTCyberKT Posts: 5
Just got the S yesterday (first Oculus product). Super frustrating so far. Can't configure Guardian area. Whenever I face forward I see the grid and arrow and hit continue. Then 90% of the time it says "Play area not found" and asks me to do it again. 10% of the time it moves on to setting the floor grid, which seems really high. Small portion of the time I get to try and draw the gaming area which is almost impossible to draw, doesn't seem to be responding to the controller. Even when it does allow me to draw, just jumps back to the "Play area not found" message. Tried 4 different USB 3.0 blue ports, updated graphic card drivers, rebooted, uninstalled Oculus App and reinstalled, et al. Any ideas? Was so excited but this f*cking sucks. 


  • SandcrackaSandcracka Posts: 82
    Hiro Protagonist
    When you get to the floor grid you have to move your contoller to the floor.  Then press continue.
  • CyberKTCyberKT Posts: 5
    Thanks, unfortunately on the rare occasion I get to that point, it usually goes back to "play area not found" and I can't proceed. 
  • markm75markm75 Posts: 68
    Hiro Protagonist
    Im having this same issue.  I cant get past the guardian play area setup.  You try to adjust the floor and it snaps back to the beginning telling you the play area not found.  I had previously defined the play area too, but its frequently lost.  This time it wont even go the whole way back through it.
  • antitrust42antitrust42 Posts: 115
    mine loose his guardian all time , need to set each time, is annoying
  • BlobabeeBlobabee Posts: 1
    I am/was having the same problem, but think it may be due to low room lighting as the tracking needs lighting to function. Hope that helps!
  • OnyxiusOnyxius Posts: 1
    I just got my Rift S on Sunday and every time i play a game, put the headset down to go use the restroom and come back, when i pick up and put on my headset i'm hit with the "play area not found".  SO ANNOYING!! I dont see any fix for this and i'm guessing we have to wait for some magical update? 
  • JediNizarJediNizar Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    strange never had that before. My Rift S is plugged to my Laptop, and I switch rooms. and everywhere my RIFT S recognize the era if played there before.
  • LaYkZzLaYkZz Posts: 5
    Guardian notices different areas. IDK how it really works, but I am sure you need well enlighted spots in your room, some fix points which highlights contrasts for the different cams on your headset.
  • bporionbporion Posts: 12
    i had that problem and got in touch whit customer service it turns out that the Rift S is very light sensitive , if you calibrate guardian whit a certain amount of light you have to have at least that mutch light at all times or more . the S does not play well in dark rooms . 
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    I'm waiting for a IR illuminator from China. It can track in the Dark ;)
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    TESTEDl it works with the above IR illuminator so very well and even in total pitch black with monitor switched off! Either way with it on also ;)
  • BillDozer42BillDozer42 Posts: 5
    Losing play more often with latest update.  On top of that they removed the option to set/reset forward direction.  Now when I lose play area, the app just picks whatever arbitrary direction it wants as the default forward.  Why take that option away?  Please bring it back...
  • dburnedburne Posts: 2,866 Valuable Player
    edited August 28
    All those that are disappointed with this change needs to send them feedback.
    Choose send feedback from the Oculus desktop app.

    They will see that before some of these forum posts.

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