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Do you have a problem with pavlov

inovatorinovator Posts: 2,235 Valuable Player
With my rift s I tried to play pavlov then within 10 minutes the screen goes black. I can hear the game but no visual. I get out with task manager but nothing will work until I restart and or replug the display port
 Fallouto 4 works. all other games have worked. Anyone else have problems with this game? 0 problems playing it with original rift.


  • ShoesArePerfectShoesArePerfect Posts: 1
    i cant even play it either, i try to start it and it doesnt work so i am currently trying to find sources that show me how to play the game, my friend says that i need steam vr and it doesnt detect the headset when i try to connect it, he tried to help me with other things but so far nothing is working for me to play pavlov.
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,235 Valuable Player
    My problem is different in the sense that after about 10 minutes of playing  I get a black screen even when I try to switch to another game. Then I have to restart and other things to get headset to work again.
  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,315 Valuable Player
    I would imagine as they are porting Pavlov to quest, it wont be too long before you get a fix.
  • OldeceOldece Posts: 1
    Pavlov currently says in the oculus app, now playing, but it's not, I can't close it, I can't open it. The only thing I can do is open it via Steam, but I can't play any other games.
  • Rafael_9Rafael_9 Posts: 1
    im playing on my quest but when i click on it its only a black screen with three white dots

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