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Rift S losing hand tracking and can't see through passthrough camera



  • nightdaggernightdagger Posts: 1
    To add my own experience to this, I was having the same problem as a lot of people.  After a random amount of time, sometimes as short as a few minutes, sometimes as long as an hour or two, my hands would get stuck in place and rotation would work but nothing else.  I bought a cheap 20 dollar powered USB 3.0 port from Walmart, plugged it into my system (with the Rift S the only device connected to the hub, just to be safe, remember that hubs don't increase the bandwidth available on the port so multiple devices splits data transfer limit between all of them!), and in a 9 hour play session yesterday I had zero tracking loss.

    Do yourself a favor, get yourself a powered hub if none of the "free" fixes works for you, it'll probably fix the issue completely without sending back the headset multiple times or replacing expensive cables and whatnot.
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