How can I instal the Insta360 VR app in my oculus quest? — Oculus
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How can I instal the Insta360 VR app in my oculus quest?

KrustacioKrustacio Posts: 1
Hi, I just bought an oculus quest and I want to connect it to my camera Insta360 EVO, but the app (Insta360 VR) appear only for Go. Should we wait for the update or is there some way to install Go apps in Quest? Thanks


  • Thomas3DThomas3D Posts: 1
    Das würde mich auch sehr interessieren!!!

  • eleclerc4055eleclerc4055 Posts: 1
    DAMN IT!!! Can't we get an answer in English????

  • h.r.gargih.r.gargi Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    He just said that he also want to know. No reason to get annoyed. 
  • lensgold369lensgold369 Posts: 5
    Would be interested buying the insta360 evo but only if it was compatible with the Oculus Quest
  • studlygooritestudlygoorite Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    I just ordered the Insta360 Evo, I'm sure the app will come available sometime but in the meantime instead of wirelessly transferring videos and pics, we can move them from the camera to PC and then to the Quest I believe. 
  • kevink808kevink808 Posts: 803
    Insta360 EVO is the best consumer-grade 3D cam out there in my opinion.  I love it.  I use it with my GO for right now, but I agree it'd be great to also use Quest.  However a bit pointless as the EVO is 3D, not VR, so you have 3DoF, rendering the touch controllers pointless. It's perfect for GO though. Sure there's an app coming.
    Rift-S, Quest 128GB, GO 64GB.
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