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PC crashes to blackscreen, a minute or so after OculusApp and Headset successfully launch?... HELP.

ChunkyToadsChunkyToads Posts: 14
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edited May 2019 in Support
Within the last day or so Oculus begun crashing my PC to a blackscreen, a few moments after the headset and app both successfully start.  I have un-installed and reinstalled OculusApp, Updated a clean install of all NVIDIA drivers, Windows 10 build, etc in response but issue persists. Any help anyone can provide is much appreciated. 


  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,854 Valuable Player

    Try using a powered usb hub it just fixed my black screen issue.

    I think some of our USB cards aren't pushing out enough juice to power the headset properly those cameras must be a drain.

  • ChunkyToadsChunkyToads Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    It's my CV1 having the issue, so no unexpected power drain... Glad to hear you got your Rift S all sorted out though, thanks either way. Keep on enjoying that piece of bad ass tech btw, can't wait to get one myself, eventually!
  • ChunkyToadsChunkyToads Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    SOLVED: Well, looks like a Windows Restet of the same newly installed windows build cleared up half the issue and the other end of the problem came from a conflict between the Headset and my Kinect v2 (even when not using the device).  All appears good for now :) 
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