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Rift S static noise with headphones

hl-celhl-cel Posts: 14
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when I use headphones with the Rift S, I hear a disturbing static/crackling noise. Even at low volume or mute. I can hear almost no static noise when I connect the headphones directly to my PC (only at very high volume). Does anyone else have this problem?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 797 Oculus Staff
    Hey @hl_cel, are you noticing any audio distortion with the built-in speakers or is it only with the external headphones? We are aware of an issue that may cause poor audio quality in your Rift S. We are actively working on a fix to address this but currently don't have an ETA. Thanks! -Rick
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited May 2019
    @OculusSupport it is obvious you are all rather busy right now, however to restore and keep the faith of your Users I highly recommend you make a Closed Sticky Announcement on all RIFT S issues without comments enabled.
    BTW the RIFT still has an issue with the Touch Battery Usage as once they get to 50% they stop working. Also they have been known to kick out our Focus of the Game which can lead to e.g. losing your Ship in Elite:Dangerous! 
    Stuff needs: - 
    1. Acknowedged by an Announcement all can refer to rather than trying to fix it themselves for days!
    2. Fixed!
    3. Add UserVoice to the Forum Page as a Fast Link!
    4. Develop all things we complain of e.g. Guardian; Reset View via 2 Thumbsticks; Strafing in Home; More movement for Expressive Avatars (mouth & eyebrows) whilst eyes should track nearest speaking player.

  • hl-celhl-cel Posts: 14
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    Hello Rick,

    i notice the same distortion with the built-in speakers but it is not as obvious as with headphones. I think it is because of the overall low volume of the speakers. Oh, and when i set the volume to 50% or more i hear a crackling noise with the speakers when sound is playing.

    I don't had this problem with the build-in headphones of the Rift CV1

    I have to know if this is a common problem that you can fix with an update or if it is caused by a faulty unit or bad shielding of the Rift S.
  • hl-celhl-cel Posts: 14
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    I looks like I am the only one with this problem. When I connect my headphones (3.5mm or USB) directly to my PC I do not hear any interference. Then the Rift is probably broken. What a %?§&!.
  • BenedictiusBenedictius Posts: 1
    I've got the same problem, when hooking up low quality headphones, like ear buds, it is almost not noticeable, but with closed back it is really disturbing, did you find a solution or did you return the Rift S?

  • hl-celhl-cel Posts: 14
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    edited July 2019
    I returned the Rift S. I bought a new Rift S last week that does not have this problem. The only thing I hear now when there is no sound is the quiet static white noise.

  • AngryWombatAngryWombat Posts: 1
    Same problem with original Oculus Rift, static (popping noises) only present with built in headphones. 
  • MarcoPolo261MarcoPolo261 Posts: 1
    This just started happening to my Rift S is there any solution, I just got my Rift S a month ago and I don't want to return it
  • XTib3RXTib3R Posts: 1
    I have got similar issue with my Oculus Rift S where left side of my own headphones do not play when plugged into Rift's 3.5 jack - I have to push the headphone jack a bit forward for both headphones to start woking. So it seems there is a loose connection to 3.5 jack inside the headset....
  • MegosuMegosu Posts: 8
    hl-cel said:
    I returned the Rift S. I bought a new Rift S last week that does not have this problem. The only thing I hear now when there is no sound is the quiet static white noise.


    I tried 2 rift s and I can clearly hear white noise  in my headphones when no sound is playing. Depending on which headphone I use, it can be very annoying. 
    Oculus support claims it's is normal, but none of my other audio devices has this issue. 
    I'm pretty sure this could be fixed with a software update. But I don't have a lot of hope... 

    Did you find any way to fix this issue? I can't believe we are the only ones noticing it! 
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