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Quest refuses to update

GrantAndrewGrantAndrew Posts: 2

Hey guys. first vr user. when i go through the setup, the headset says it is updating, but it never does. never really progresses either. 

Using Iphone X latest iOS, have tried multiple different 5Ghz wifi networks along with cellular network. with phone/headset on the same one each time of course. have done multiple factory resets of both headset and phone., FC'd the App and reopen, uninstall app and reinstall, and any combination. Update always starts at 50%, and never moves above that. one time it moved above it up to 63% over the course of about 45 minutes, and then restarted at 50 without any notification or explanation. did this once more from 50 to 56% and then "lost connection" to headset and started over at 50%. i have also left it sitting approx 1 hr without any changes and is still at 50%. Internet is running well at 14ms ping and 250~ mbps download, 30~ mbps upload. 

any help is appreciated, im extremely frustrated that i have an unusable device with no hope on the horizon at the moment. thanks


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