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Is there anything like a Manual or a User's Guide? (the "reference guide" is just five drawings)

el_jergasel_jergas Posts: 19
edited May 2019 in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest
Hi everyone. I have not seen any kind of manual for the Quest anywhere. The "reference guide" that comes with the package is hardly a "reference", it's more like a "quick-start guide". Anybody knows if and where an extensive guide is available? I'm almost learning everything by trial-and-error!!


  • WizZifnabWizZifnab Posts: 12
    Brain Burst
    I'm a big fan of making software intuitive and self explanatory to the extent that manual's or other kind of explicit instruction isn't necessary.  However, if your software hasn't managed that, and maybe its complexity makes that very difficult, then you really need to provide something.

    The other day I noticed when clicked on Home in my Quest an introductory video.  It was under some kind of tips heading.  If I recall it was like 4 of 5, but I could figure out where the other 4 were after watching it.

    Anyway, looking just now there are some helpful videos in .  Interestingly, the useful ones don't seem to be grouped into a playlist.  There is a playlist for Quest, but its more a marketing collection than tips.
  • WizZifnabWizZifnab Posts: 12
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    I reviewed those videos on YouTube again, and don't think I'm seeing the tips videos I saw on the Quest.  I also checked and don't think I'm seeing them there guess I have to wait for the rest to appear on my Home page in the Quest??  I'm sure I'm just overlooking them somewhere, but would be nice if I could at least find them through the YouTube channel or the Facebook page's videos collections.
  • el_jergasel_jergas Posts: 19
    Yeah, I've seen the tips videos. They are useful indeed. But I an old-fashioned, like a booklet, kind of guy. You know, like the manuals that iPhones and iPads have in the BookStore app.
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