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Shadow Point for Quest

Psychman_VRPsychman_VR Posts: 2
Anyone else playing Shadow Point?  Damn key and mask shadow puzzle won't line up.  Objects are all correct form, yet I cannot get into a position in which the key and mask will line up long enough at right positions to trigger.  Key keeps going off the headset sensor as it has to be closer to the lamp than the mask to line up.  It is nearly impossible to hold angles and positions to get it to trigger.  


  • Psychman_VRPsychman_VR Posts: 2
    edited May 2019
    Hang the key from the complete ring in the dragon's mouth, then align the mask on its own. Yes, I am talking to myself.
  • simplySylvansimplySylvan Posts: 2
    Hey Psychman_VR, Kal from Coatsink here, sorry we missed this! It seems you managed to find a way through this puzzle, we are already working on this feedback to improve the registration of the items. If you do get stuck or would like to chat about Shadow Point our Discord is the best place -
  • Martin701Martin701 Posts: 3
    Hi there !

    i am stuck in shadowpoint point 11 ( screenshot ) 
    i did almost everything but not the puzzle on the left when you enter !

    help ! 

  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 5,317 Valuable Player
    edited February 22
    I really tried to like this game - but the Rift version is totally destroyed by the horrible Quest graphics, meaning no real or extremely low-res textures and so few polys you can count them with the naked eye - or close. This is from the Rift version - looks like PC games 25 years ago or so - I will not accept so ultra-poor graphics for PCVR:

    The bin does not look round at all - it's a hexagon? Lol

    And the lamp, sigh - "the hexagon show" continues (ok, there's a hidden octagon too, lol):

    Maybe more like a pentagon-ish shape here...

    Guess there's a real treat here, at least more than an octagon, lol - but no, that does not look round either  :(   

    When releasing for PCVR, devs should never port the ultra-poor Quest version directly to PCVR, it's simply completely unacceptable. 2c.
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  • CobaltChickenCobaltChicken Posts: 1
    Working through Shadow Point I got really stuck in The Anchor. In the end, in desperation  I viewed a walkthrough (which I hate doing because they are likely to give too much information). Every action in the walkthrough I'd done up to the usual speech at the end, but the circle in which you stand to receive it doesn't appear and the "handle" of the anchor constellation, unlike the one in the walkthrough, hasn't lit up. Can't see a puzzle I've missed. 

    Anyone know what action lights up that top segment?

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