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Sweat on Rift S Halo



  • bitziebitzie Posts: 35
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    Mizzu52 said:
    I bought the AMVR set. I've had it about a month now. I didn't care for the face plate that came with it and decided to stick with the original one that I'd already modified to accept velcro pleather pads. The halo pads? Oh yeah they're much more comfortable and easy to clean. Kinda makes you wonder why it doesn't come that way to begin with? 

    Could you provide a link where I can buy it? Can't find it anywhere.

    Here's the AMVR set that I got. Very comfortable and easy to wipe clean.

  • FlyinDranoFlyinDrano Posts: 6
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    That's the one I have. And I see it's out of stock. Was a while getting back in stock when I ordered mine. 
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