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DisplayPort extension cable

I just purchased an Oculus Rift S and I am a little disappointed. With my Oculus Rift I was able to add extension cables without a problem. Now with the Oculus Rift S, it will not work. When I turn it on, the Oculus App on my PC just flickers on and off.
I know people are going to say that 5metres is more then enough, but my PC is in one room and my race car simulator is about 25 feet away from my computer in another room.
Has anyone had any success adding an extension displayport cable? If so, please do tell.



  • lensfortlensfort Posts: 3
    I too would like to know. I have personally tried 2x different 1m DisplayPort extension cables with no luck.
    USB3.0 extends ok, but the display remains off when extending the DP cable.
  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,638 Valuable Player
    I've managed to use extension cables, details here:

    You'll need to put your USB 3.0 extension cable into a USB 3.1 port though because the Rift S draws a lot of power when used with extensions I think. You might also need to use a DsiplayPort extension cable with a repeater too because DisplayPort extensions have problems over 5m if I'm remembering correctly. The one I've put the link to is working without a problem but it's only 1.8m.

    I also had to mess around with changing the DisplayPort port on my 1080 because some of them had sound that was crackling. The one furthest away from the motherboard works great but with the other two it was Crackle City lol
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  • jbhillmanjbhillman Posts: 1
    I use a 3 meter extension cable for USB and Display Port.  USB cable must be 3.0.  Display cable works if it is 4K capable.  Got both off of Amazon for less than $18 for the pair.  Buy quality with gold plated connectors. 
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