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VR Maze Game ~ Devils Playground

rkuhnjrrkuhnjr Posts: 9
edited June 2014 in Oculus Share
Devils Playground is my first foray into the world of game development. Despite developing since I was eight I just never moved into games. The Oculus system along with Unity 3d helped motivate me to give a shot. The theme of the game is to portray the 9 circles of hell from Dantes Inferno. This version of my game of course is more of a proof of concept and outside the name has little connection to the story.

It is built with native OVR support however it is not on by default. A primary goal was to develop a dual camera system that would allow developers and players alike to toggle between ovr and normal cameras. When you first load the game it is in normal view and can be toggled with Y on an xbox controller or O on the keyboard.

For now I am hanging up development for Oculus until a few things occur such as the true commercial release, deciding which platform to indie develop on ( as much as i like unity i can't justify its cost once my free trial expires ) and where this whole facebook thing takes us.

Anyways I hope my game is as much fun to play as it was to make.




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