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Quest controller issues

ankeedoankeedo Posts: 1
is anyone having connection issues. The system is pretty much useless as the controllers disconnect and reconnect several times a game. Can’t even complete a single round of creed without disconnecting. Very unfortunate. Does anyone know of any updates that will be released to fix this issue ?


  • onyx213onyx213 Posts: 8
    did you get this problem fixed i’m still having same issue 
  • MrPleasantMrPleasant Posts: 1
    Having the same issue. Buttons still work, but the controller just freezes in place. I’ve removed the batteries, unpaired and repaired the controllers, reset the headset, everything. 
  • actrazor2actrazor2 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem.  The only way to reset the controller is to remove battery.  Once I've done that, maybe it'll work for 15 seconds, maybe 2 minutes before the controller freezes in place.  Buttons continue to work.

    As it stands my Quest is unusable because of this.  I've emailed Oculus support but have heard nothing back..
  • RHunterrRHunterr Posts: 72
    Hiro Protagonist
    Two days ago my controllers started acting up.... power up the headset and it tells me it can't locate the controllers. Taking the batteries out and putting them back in restores it to normal each time until the next time I power down overnight. (controller batteries are around 80% at the moment)
  • OttomahawKOttomahawK Posts: 1
    Same problem! 
  • smawong23smawong23 Posts: 5
    Yeh, it can't be fixed. Wrote to support and got the run around for 3 days. All they did was sending me scripted answers and links to pages on this their website as if you can't read it yourself to begin with. Now they asked me to wait another 3-5days for someone else to help me. From what I can see on this forum there is no solution except hopefully they will send you a replacement, after of course you first mailed yours back to them.  No thank you. I returned my to Best Buy and got my money back right away. 
  • sistiannasistianna Posts: 1
    I was having the same issue.  Mine resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app from phone.  When the setup completed the controller started working normally again.  As this does not cause progress to be lost, I can live with it if it happens again.
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