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Motion and Controller (Floating/unbound) Issue with Oculus Rift S

Dash3rDash3r Posts: 2

Issue – After playing for an intermittent amount of time (minutes to an hour) my controller images in my VR world, regardless if it is in game or in the Oculus/Steam VR GUI, will become dislodged and my hands/controller images will be scrambled (above my head, behind me, backwards) and not function correctly. The VR image will also start following my head movement (like the world is part of my head) and starts giving me a motion sickness feeling. The only way I have found to fix this is to either RESTART my PC or unplug and plug in my headsets USB connection again.

Things I’ve tried – Restart Oculus software, pair controllers again, pair headset again, turn off USB sleep, update USB drivers, Update Windows to 1809 (Couldn’t go to 1903), Repair Oculus software, tried all 4 of my USB 3.0 ports.

Running Windows 10 HOME (1809), AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 16 GB Ram, GeForce GTX 1050TI, Samsung 960 EVO, ASROCK B250M-HDV


Any Insight would be appreciated.


  • RamboniusRambonius Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure this out. I am having the same issue. Turning my head the menu ro game moves closer or further away slightly. Cant play anything without this false motion sensation.
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