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Guys TRUST me. Alien Isolation from 2014 is STILL top 5 AAA VR Experience!

redmantabredmantab Posts: 103
Wanted to share this with you guys perhaps to help you enjoy something in the same way that I am : )  Today I stumbled on the article from 2017 about Engadgets mod/hack "Mother VR" to play Alien Isolation in VR as it was semi-intended by the developer.  My God.  I turned OculusSuper sampling up to 1.5 and Mother VR mod pixel ration to 2.0 and everything on Ultra.  My 1081 Ti doesn't even miss a beat and this game is seriously gorgeous.  I run Elite Dangerous, DCS, and some other AAA games but I can't believe this is that good.  Lighting is phenomenal, details are beautiful, and there is full locomotion and movement options to keep all of us happy.

Long full AAA experience, CHECK
Ridiculous Immersion, Check
Killer Graphics, Check
Great Story and Details, Check.

Tired of the fact that most VR experiences are just, well, experiences?!?  Give this a try.  It really is top notch.  Thumbs way up!


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 2,142 Valuable Player
    Sounds great!  Could you be so kind as to provide links to the game and VR mod.  Also how to apply and use the mod?  Many thanks mate.

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  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    Here you go mate
    All info needed is on same page.

    Havent tried it with the nov. 2018 update though. ( Maybe I should soon as its a really great mod ).

    Be good, die great !
  • SandcrackaSandcracka Posts: 89
    Hiro Protagonist
    Looks interesting I'll have to try it since I've been wanting to play that game again. 
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,017 Valuable Player
    Does the updated mod allow for snap turning because I wanted to throw up every time I played the game with smooth turning.
  • nickyb78nickyb78 Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    It is a good experience, only thing that i dont like is the world scale is a bit off. Everything seems a bit squashed. But u get used to it and it is defo one of the good vr games
  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,916 Valuable Player
    I had no idea they added VR controls to this game! That's what I was waiting for.

    i7 9700k 2080ti   CV1, Rift-S, Index
  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,376 Valuable Player
    yeah brilliant game, the monitors used to give me a headache, way too close.
  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 1,328
    Project 2501
    Thanks for reminding me, I already tried this with Rift CV1 but haven't tried it with Rift S yet. It was amazing on CV1 so I'm sure it will look even better with Rift S.
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  • SandcrackaSandcracka Posts: 89
    Hiro Protagonist
    Can anyone tell me how to lean back when hiding in a locker?  It says to hold down left stick but it doesn't seem to do anything.  Also, how to hold your breath?
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