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Anyone else still waiting for delivery of preordered quest?

SuspectorSuspector Posts: 8
I preordered my quest May 1st from the oculus store and got shipping date 22nd. They charged my paypal and created a shippingnumber at UPS the 20th but has still not shipped it.
I have tried reaching the support since early morning 23rd (the day after it should have been shipped) and have 2 tickets at the moment but they will not answer any of the tickets.
Am I the only one who have issues with the shipping from oculus?


  • johnymarkjohnymark Posts: 1
    Just wait few more days. You'll receive it soon.
  • SuspectorSuspector Posts: 8
    I finally got one on june 5th. I contacted the support every day in my ticket before they finally answered and after a lot of "we are investigating why it hasn't been shipped" they shipped another one. The first shippment is still stuck at UPS with the status "ready for ups"
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