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waiting answer

TumyueTumyue Posts: 6
edited May 2019 in Support
Oculus will you give a solution or we have refund rift S?


  • antitrust42antitrust42 Posts: 115
    what is your problem ?
  • TumyueTumyue Posts: 6
    My problem is the same problem have all people, rift S losing hand tracking.
  • cybershrapnelcybershrapnel Posts: 47
    Brain Burst
    yup, and they won't answer us or acknowledge the issue so people are creating much deserved multiple threads on the issue!
  • TumyueTumyue Posts: 6
    edited May 2019
    Best package everything and I make a refund, 1 week of tickets and no viable solution, much reboots oculus, reinstall drivers, etc etc surely the fault is mine or my desktop and not to have taken an incomplete product when it is clear that it needed more tests. I will try my luck in September with valve index. what remedy.

    P.D.: I like oculus, i have cv1 with 3 sensors and tpcast,  but...
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