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Gtx 1080 TI - issues, Audio Fine - Blackscreen when trying to setup. (Rift S) - 28/05/19

BlacktidesBlacktides Posts: 11
Hi Guys,

so i recently purcahsed a Rift s and i cant seem to get it too work :(  (the oculus software is a ll green ticks and smiles but nothing is displaying when i put the headset on - i know its not the headset as i had my friend use his working rift s in mine to elimiate this factor - we got a black screen with his unit also)

I have tried everything, downgrading drivers, updating windows, checking my usb ports are correctly providing power and the settings are correct, putting the display port in the 3 other ports i have on my GPU i even factory restored my PC but alas no results, thinking of returning my rift and just giving up on the idea of VR at this point as its getting quite fustrating. if anyone has any advise thats not basicly on the oculus guide already it would be appreicaited!

my specs are
Rog Maximus x Hero Motherboard
Intel core i7 -8700k 6 core 3.7Ghz
16GB Corsair veng ram.
GTx 1080Ti - 3 DP - 1 HDMI

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