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I know what Bug crashes the Rift S. Black Screen Issue found!

Ronegrim-Ronegrim- Posts: 11
I try alot of things and finaly i find the Bug what crashes the Rift S to a Black Screen.
You can reproduce the crash Bug very easy.

1. Download Bigscreen
2. Open a Room (Big Cinema)
3. Let a Friend join you.
4. Sit near your Friend and clap the Hands with him.

BAM crash.... Black Screen.... 

It is not a Driver Bug or a Windows Problem.... its a SOUND BUG!
Deactivate your Rift S Audio Device in the Device Manager and BING no more Black Screen crashes!
Without Sound or with an other Sound Device you can clap your Hands with Friends for Hours without a Crash.

We can only wait for a Patch for the Oculus Software.
I hope this helps someone, and sorry for my Bad English im German.


  • BryrosBryros Posts: 12
    Dont work for me. I desactivate all audio of Rift and send the audio via pc but dind´t work :/

    Thanks !
  • Ronegrim-Ronegrim- Posts: 11
    Oh my God this Bug is realy funny.... You can try it for yourself but its true.....
    Put your Audio Volume of your Rift S Headset Device to 60 - 70 and the Black Screens are gone.
    Put your Audio Volume of your Rift S Headset Device to 100 and play a Game with a loud Explosion.... BAM Black Screen.

    Incredible but true. :-)
  • Ronegrim-Ronegrim- Posts: 11
    edited May 2019
    Bryros do you have Black Screens or an other Bug ?
  • BryrosBryros Posts: 12
    Black Screens all the time. But sometimes I get to see for about 30 seconds and then skip the black screen again although the sound always works.

    I do not know exactly if it's the same problem, but from what I see there are several "black screen problems". Reading you can even play for a while, something that is impossible for me.
  • Ronegrim-Ronegrim- Posts: 11
    Crazy, if i stay with 70% Sound Volume my Blackscreens are gone. I wish the Oculus Team makes proper Beta Tests. We pay alot of Money for the VR Headsets and get only more Problems. We can only hope for a Software Patch.
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