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Left touch controller broken? (oculus touch)

LunaticPlushtrapLunaticPlushtrap Posts: 4
Hi, Okay i think i know what my issue is, it's the left controller.
Last time i played vr i dropped my left touch controller and it kinda became laggy and now i think it died.
In the video below (twitter link) , the first controller you hear is the right one, which works fine and does that "vr sound/sound effect" but the second one i press is the left controller, it doesn't do any sound, just a normal controller click.
"" "" 
So is my controller broken?
The thing is, when i go on oculus, both of my controllers are "off" maybe if you only have one controller that works both of them will stay off? Do you automatically need two controllers for them to work? Like i can't get through the step where it asks you to press X and menu or something for the left one.
I tried doing the setup again, changing batteries, usb ports, etc
Do i need a replacement controller? The thing is, i dont wanna buy one for nothing. 
Please i need help :/
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