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Duplicated controllers in devices

abyx01abyx01 Posts: 2
So my rift S started creating duplicated controllers in devices. Worst thing is those duplicates have discharged battery (while real ones have full batteries) and I'm getting an error about low battery when entering VR. Also they cannot be removed from devices for some reason (it is possible to remove the real ones tho).


  • bigdog1911bigdog1911 Posts: 5
    I'm also having the same issue. I can't seem to remove them. I've tried repairing my software, but no luck. Frustrating...
  • MaadRuneMaadRune Posts: 4
    Having the same issue.
  • Hwyl_Hwyl_ Posts: 1
    me too and i dont know what to do i cant play the games i bought only small games like rec room and stuff have you guys fixed it

  • johnharris861johnharris861 Posts: 1
    same issue

  • AlmartorAlmartor Posts: 2
    edited June 2019
    Same issue here.
    When I click to eliminate these duplicated devices (with corrupted Serlain Numbers), they are not removed, so each time I have more duplicated ones

  • Bennydadon1997Bennydadon1997 Posts: 3
    Any Solution?
  • TryHard_HeroesTryHard_Heroes Posts: 4
    Same here in the future, no updates
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