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Why doesn't the controller pointing and touchpad work, but home/back buttons do work?

ChrisBockhahnChrisBockhahn Posts: 1
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 (not S7 Edge or S7 Active) and a Samsung Gear VR model SM-R324...

I set up my Gear VR last night for the first time. The controller paired easily but only the home and back buttons work while I'm in the Oculus home area. I do not see the pointer while in the home area and swiping on the touchpad does nothing. I can't use the controller to select anything, just go back, and go home.

I have to touch the headset touchpad to get the pointer centered in the screen to reappear and can only select things with the headset. When I hit any button on the controller the pointer centered in the screen disappears. I assume this should happen and is supposed to be replaced by the controller pointer.

I have already turned my phone off and back on, I have unpaired and repaired the controller, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Oculus app. Anyone know what's going on?
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