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I Broke Oculus Mirror

JayBiggsGamingJayBiggsGaming Posts: 7
I decided to mess around with Oculus Mirror to get rid of the weird artifacts it produces on the edge of the screen when I move my head and it seems I have broken Oculus Mirror. No matter what settings I try I end up with a black border (is that what Mirror calls the 'stencil'?) around my right eye and cannot restore Mirror back to the defaults it was on, which is what I want to go back to. It acts as though it is saving my command line settings somewhere because it never returns to how it was, even if I remove the command line options from the shortcut.

Is there some way to reset Oculus Mirror? Can I uninstall and reinstall?
Here's how it looks now:  I don't think the horrible performance you see there is related, just my stream settings.
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