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Oculus Rift S stuttering while looking in all directions

RareYellowWUUTBeeRareYellowWUUTBee Posts: 2
Hi there,

I have been having an issue with my Oculus Rift S for 2 days now that I have not been able to solve and it makes my VR experience unplayable. Whenever I look up and down, or left and right or really just in all directions my vision stutters constantly. I've tried closing all things with overlays, uninstalling various Asus services and also uninstalling MSI Afterburner, unplugging my second display and everything I've tried does nothing. It's not an FPS type lag, because if I hold still everything is smooth around me, however, whenever I move my head it gets super choppy. Here's my setup:

i7 7700k
GTX 1070
16GB Ram
(Nothing is overclocked)

I've been looking for answers and keep hitting dead ends. I need help.


  • OrkelOrkel Posts: 123
    edited May 2019
    You are likely suffering from a rare bug with ASW, which breaks/desync compositor timings (so you get stutter when turning your head, "double vision" kind of.
    The creator of ASW (CarlSagan79) has commented about it on reddit about 1-2 months ago, supposedly he has a fix but it has not been released yet. His comment a month ago says he is trying to "accelerate the patch landing" but no other news yet.
    Comment to him in this thread, so he knows.
    Also note that you can turn off ASW completely with CTRL+Numpad1 when numlock is on, you will get some judder randomly but it's better than constant head stuttering.

  • RareYellowWUUTBeeRareYellowWUUTBee Posts: 2
    Thank you! I will let him know.
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