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Beat Saber Difficulty Hard+ Controller Tracking Loss

enigma01enigma01 Posts: 660
Is anyone else finding controller tracking is regularly lost on Beat Saber on difficultly hard and above? I’m finding if I swing quickly from hitting one cube to another sometimes the saber stays stuck hovering in its original position. It’s meaning I really can’t enjoy the game as I’m constantly thinking the tracking is going to be lost. 


  • PagliozPaglioz Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    I play beat saber everyday (and now with custom song more than before 😇😇😇) but never saw what happens to you.
  • jabjab Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    edited June 2019
    Yeah Iv'e experienced it to. Typically it happens when you have lots of cubes out at the sides and you want to hit them by extending your arms instead of moving your entire body to save time, or when you swipe your arms low from one side to another.
  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    There's some guy on Reddit claiming it's the battery momentarily disconnecting. He claims it's the thinner spring the Touch 2.0 uses instead of the more robust spring the Touch OG uses. Tried telling him it's the tracking...he just won't believe it. :P
  • MrWhizzleMrWhizzle Posts: 1
    I had the same issue today with the left sabre only. In my case, having the big window in my room in my back instead at my right side fixed the problem. I guess that all IR cameras share the same dynamic range which might cause tracking problems if one side is iluminated much more than the other side.
  • dscptdscpt Posts: 3
    Controller randomly hanging in the air (still rotates) issues have ruined beat saber for me. Seems that happen more on the right and doesn't improve if I change my orientation.
  • Patg1965Patg1965 Posts: 14
    At time the saber just goes though the block with out cutting it. This was happening mostly on the left but now it is both hands.  Restarting the Quest helps.  
  • dscptdscpt Posts: 3
    Beat Saber is pretty much ruined for me by the constant controller tracking glitches. It was bearable with the hard and most of the expert levels but expert plus is completely unplayable. As others have noted it's mostly the right controller losing all position tracking, it continues to rotate but simply hangs in the air. I've changed batteries, experimented with different lighting and playing orientation, at different times of day and resetting the headset. It's fairly obviously either a deficiency on the design or a software bug which has persisted across all of the updates. Holding out some hope that it's addressed in V15, if not then my adventures in standalone VR are over.
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