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Unable to Install the Oculus App on a new Windows PC. Have the Logs, found the fail but......

As it says I tried installing the Oculus app after a fresh install. This is after updating windows and my GPU. I checked the log and near the end I am seeing this...

[Error] [6/1/2019 5:16:22 AM] File 'Home2\Content\Paks\Home2-WindowsNoEditor.pak' is missing or invalid.
[Error] [6/1/2019 5:16:22 AM] Uncaught exception!
Daybreak.OVRLibraryService.Libraries.LibrarianException: Package oculus-worlds failed verification
   at Dawn.Setup.InstallChunkedPackagesStep.InstallApplication(Nullable`1 transaction, Application app, CancellationToken cancellationToken, String installDirectory, String manifestDirectory, String downloadCache)
   at Dawn.Setup.InstallChunkedPackagesStep.InstallImpl()
   at Dawn.Mixins.SafeCallMixin(Func`1 func, String title, String caller)
[Debug] [6/1/2019 5:16:22 AM] Install 'Dawn.Setup.InstallChunkedPackagesStep' failed.

Any idea what it means or a possible fix? Thanks. 
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