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i am out of idea's on how to fix the oculus setup "please restart computer" message.

BONEhead764BONEhead764 Posts: 2
Yesterday I wanted to try out the new Five Nights At Freddy's vr game that came out on my rift that i haven't used for about a month. but when i started the oculus app it game a message that i needed to update my drivers so I pressed it to update but nothing happend for over 20 minutes so I tried to start the app but it told that the app might be updating and that i need to try again in a few minutes which i did and it resulted in the same message. so i restarted my computer and the same thing happend again so i tried to repair the app using the oculus setup program which crashed for some reason and deleted the app entirely. but the biggest problem is that now when i try to install the app it will install as usual for about an hour and then show the messege "please restart computer". and it did so every time i tried to install i tried with and without antivirus i deleted the oculus folder at program files and tried looking for answers on the internet but to no result. so now i'm here asking for help from somebody who might understand more about it then me.

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  • BONEhead764BONEhead764 Posts: 2
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    Hey wanted to put this out here that after a month of back and fourth talking with the oculus support team we came to the conclusion that the problem was that up until now the oculus up ran fine on non windows 10 pcs but it seems that it stopped supporting all the other versions but windows 10 so after upgrading to windows 10 the problem was solved and i was finally able to play some fnaf vr....   


  • firehead26firehead26 Posts: 19
    Holy shit, this is my exact problem, even down to wanting t play FNAF help wanted. Nothing I've found worked, and staff isnt helping. 

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