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Avatar is all white. Everybody is all white.

Enigmatic_OneEnigmatic_One Posts: 3
So I am having a really strange issue that started happening today. When I put my Oculus Rift S headset on and enter my virtual home, I notice that my Avatar hands are white. When I go to look in the mirror my Avatar is completely white and is bald. If I try to change clothes or hair, nothing happens and it stays white. Yet when my wife puts her headset on she can see me for some reason and tells me my avatar is normal. I even went and asked random strangers in VR, they could also see me as well, but I can't see them, and can't see my wife either. They're literally all white like I am, but nobody else is having this problem, just me. 

I tried resetting my Oculus software through settings, it didn't work, I even tried completely uninstalling my Oculus Rift S software, restarting my computer, and then reinstalling the Oculus Software. Nothing happened. My avatar is all white no matter what I do, and everybody else is white too. The other day when I played in VR everything was fine, I didn't do anything to my computer, never installed anything out of the usual. This is driving me nuts. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Please help?
Thank you.


  • petelyneeypetelyneey Posts: 4
    I have exactly the same since yesterday. I've gone as far as a full Windows reinstall but no joy. I then thought that maybe it's an issue with my account so switched to the wife's but still the same. Not sure what else to do. It happened to me when I returned to Ocullus Home after playing the game Drop Dead (Not sure if relevant).
  • Enigmatic_OneEnigmatic_One Posts: 3
    I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one then. That's confirmation that it's on their end. I contacted them a few days ago about the issue, all I (or we) can do now is wait.
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