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My two Oculus Quest have both a mono audio output when using the official Oculus earbuds

NickRosaNickRosa Posts: 1
Hi all,

I'm experiencing a very weird problem with my Oculus Quest official earbuds, whenever I put them completely in and I launch any software the audio I get is mono, but if I pull the jack a bit out on both sides then the audio becomes stereo.

I have two Oculus Quest and two pair of official Oculus Earbuds and the problem happens on both headsets even when I swap the headset - earbuds. I tried restarting and both headsets are updated to the latest firmware.

The problem doesn't happen when I use normal headphones and this is very annoying especially after purchasing not one but two pair of expensive official earbuds.

Many thanks in advance for your help!



  • JohSm67JohSm67 Posts: 165
    Oculus says it's a manufacturing problem and will replace them next month.
    (Guess they use the same channel on both sides that's why it gets mono.)

    You should request to get them replaced from where you bought them!
    I was contacted by Oculus about the issue as I ordered directly from them.
    (About one month to wait for new ones.)

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